Honey, I can do it

So let me guess: you bought a string of patio lights and now you're stuck holding them in one hand and a hammer in another, staring at the patio ceiling. Sound familiar? It's a common theme. You get home and have just enough to cover 1/4 of the area you needed and the lights don't look too happy to be anywhere but a Christmas tree. Mentally and aesthetically, it can be exhausting. Don't fret; West Texas Outdoor Living is here to help.

Here's the scoop: most businesses and individuals install short term lights for long term projects.

Improperly install lights can break away from the facade and begin swinging along in the wind. You've seen them. Bulbs break. Code enforcement comes. No one is happy. Don't succumb.

In the long run, it is wiser to install properly graded, durable, and up-to-code lights on both business exteriors, roof lines, residential eaves, and patios. Each must stand up to the test of time and weather elements to be worth their while (read wind). As I write this today, we're enjoying 50 mph gusts. Hold on to your hat.

Let's do it a different way: call West Texas Outdoor Living and let the professionals install quality, exterior grade lighting to last the test of time in West Texas weather. We give FREE estimates at 806-548-0193

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