Spring is in the air

As the birds begin chirping and sunlight lingers, outdoor time becomes a must in west Texas. While doing a spring clean up, consider adding lighting to your landscape project list.

Here are three ways lighting adds to your outdoor life this spring:

1. Tree lights

Commercial grade tree lights allow the tree to grow properly, while maintaining durability and longevity in harsh winds. Ideally, the trees should be wrapped in lights and then unwrapped periodically to allow for tree growth. Have you ever noticed how the trees begin to grow into the lights? This is unhealthy for the tree. Keep the lights sparkling and the tree safe with professional installation.

Add sparkle to an outdoor party and jazz up the patio with tree lights.

2. Integrated Lighting

The photo above has integrated landscape lighting to highlight flower beds, raised beds, and patio walkways for increased visibility and beauty. Consider embedded landscape lighting for a permanent, solid solution to proper lighting.

3. Make an Entrance

Detailed lighting makes for outstanding curb appeal. The entire facade of the home below illuminates with light. Strategic placement, ample lights, and quality products make this home stand out from the crowd. Plus, it allows for an added layer of security when the owner is away.

Let us light up your home today.

Call West Texas Outdoor Living for a lighting quote. Serving Lubbock and the South Plains.


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