Latest Project Update: Lighting Up Lubbock

From patio lights to curb appeal, this project has us beaming about lights. With subtle touches of lighting embedded in the landscape areas, this home really comes alive at night.

Contact us today for a quote. 806- 548-0193.

We're here to help ease your lighting needs: landscape, home, garden, or safety lighting, we've got you covered.

Keep outdoor time a priority with porch lighting from West Texas Outdoor Living. This space is drenched in flood lighting for maximum usage long after the sun sets. Top hanging bulbs offer a modern decorative piece and angular corner lighting allows for proper coverage of the area.

Dive in and enjoy the good life.

Notice the detailed archway lighting, the noticeable address easily located, and the safe step-up lighting.

Let us serve your lighting needs. Contact us today for a quote. 806- 548-0193.

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