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Every wondered why some people's homes seem to SHINE at night? They appear elegant long after the sun sets? Let's unlock the key to perfect outdoor lighting:

Planning: The first step lies in conversations from the beginning. Architects will take the time to include lighting plans as part of both the exterior plans and the landscape outlay. See our post on 'planning' if you missed out. https://www.wtoutdoorliving.com/single-post/2017/12/05/Free-Lighting-Demo

If you own a home where lighting was not considered as part of the initial plan, it is certainly possible to add lighting after the build.

Nowadays, it is common to have lights secured exclusively in-ground. In this case, you're not missing out if you don't have built-in exterior lights.

Nite Time Decor, one of WT Outdoor Living's vendors, is a well recognized brand in outdoor lighting. The visual effects page listed below helps home owners envision what TYPE of outdoor lighting they might prefer.


For example, ask yourself this:

Do I want to light a large area or mainly near the close proximity of the home?

WT Outdoor Living, LLC fence lighting pic

West Texas Outdoor Living, LLC stucco stone

What lighting color scheme best fits my exterior? Consider your brick color, stucco color, or stone may all color cast with different lighting.

West Texas Outdoor Living, LLC stucco stone

West Texas Outdoor Living, LLC stucco stone

Asking these, among other questions, will help assist your architect or lighting planner with the right direction to go.

Better yet, call West Texas Outdoor Living, LLC today for a free quote. Trust the experts in lighting 806-548-0193.

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