Free Lighting Demo

If you are uncertain of where to begin when lighting the outside of you home, West Texas Outdoor Living, LLC can help. We provide a free demo with home owners to set the stage for lighting you will love.


1. Building a New Home- If you are in the process of building a home, we can install lighting as soon as the exterior of the home is complete. The window of 60 days before final closing is an opportune time to discuss lighting needs in both the yard/landscape and the facade of the house. We are also happy to sit down with your builder from the beginning to create a landscape lighting plan to meet your needs.

2. Existing Home- We would be pleased to do a walk-through on existing homes to determine the right lighting plan for you. Most lights can be installed on the ground to create the perfect ambient lighting, casting a beautiful glow on your home for safety, peace of mind, and beauty.

No project is too big or small. We service all types of homes and commercial dwellings. Call today for a free demo on how we can make your house SHINE.


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